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  • Two Minutes to a Better Day – Changing Our Thoughts

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    One of the most common thought distortions is catastrophic thinking. This is when we think about the worst case scenario and then react as if it is inevitable. This is our anxiety fooling us and the only way to avoid this pitfall is to try to change how you think about it.

    For example, I am afraid to fly because the plane may crash, therefore I will never fly. I am catastrophizing the worst case possible. Now I want to challenge myself to think about the best case. The best case is I land at my destination on time with no issues. Okay, no we have the hang of this. What is most likely. Well, most likely is there might be delays, stress, frustration with traveling.

    Something else to keep in mind is really challenging yourself to see the facts. The odds of being in a plane crash are 1 to 11 million. You are more likely to be born with an extra toe or finger. How is that for perspective?

    Jennifer Edwards, LPC