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  • Alex Romen, LMSW

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    Clinical Social Work/Therapis, LMSW

    Are you experiencing difficulties controlling your temper? Unable to remain calmed during stressful situations? Cannot shake the blues? This is where I come in. I have a special interest in working with Clients dealing with issues related to anger, depression, and anxiety. I also find satisfaction assisting parents lacking the essential skills to raise their children.

    There’s a common misconception that Therapy is for the weak, or for those who are not able to solve their own problems. Therapy can actually be seen as a way to obtain the skills needed to effectively function in society, regulate emotions, improve self-esteem, or cope with life stresses.

    I help Clients explore the origins of their irrational thoughts, how they process information or view the world. Once they have a better understanding how their thoughts influence their behavior, I provide them with the tools to effectively change their destructive thinking patterns, to more positive ways of processing information.

    At times, pain is inevitable. There are seasons in which Clients may be facing imminent changes, learning to accept and cope with them is essential. When Clients come to my office with such challenges, I’m happy to provide them with the tools to effectively tolerate stress. There are also times when Clients may need help in learning to restructure their thinking patterns, or simply deflect negative thoughts.